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Fête de la vapeur at LONGJUMEAU

Wann: Samstag 09.03.2019 10:00-18:00
Typ: Öffentliche Treffen
Ort: Longjumeau
Teilnehmer: Jedermann der möchte

Just in case you don’t know already our next Steam Fest (Fête de la vapeur) at LONGJUMEAU will be  

on      9-10 MARCH 2019.  

We know that this is a very bad period for most of you who have forecasted to be on the skiing slopes. But, hopefully, all Swiss are not skiing, and prefer to run their locomotives.
So we do expect to see many Swiss guys on our tracks  for this event.  

As far as practical things are concerned, this year will be quite similar to previous years.
There will be 4 layouts installed, of which 3 are recommended for Gauge 1.  
About the lunchs, sandwiches and cold drinks will be available. Local restaurants can also be reached after a short walk.
A dinner in a local restaurant will be organized for the Saturday evening.  

Regarding accommodation we still recommend as usual the following :               
Hotel Campanille,   rue Grand Vaux  at Epinay sur Orge               
Tel :       00 331 64 48 60 20  
Reservation :  00 338 92 23 48 12               
Mail :     epinaysurorge@campanile.fr  

Accès :  by car, the hotel is located on highway  A6, going South East and Switzerland, exit Nr. 6 which is very near the hotel.
By train use, local train RER, line C. Station is 50 m. from the hotel.  

This hotel is about 4 kilometers from Longjumeau.
We will take care of you for local transfers.  

As usual, a welcome dinner will be held on Friday evening, probably in Longjumeau, but we will confirm the place latter on.  

For those who never came before do not hesitate to ask me for any question.  

With my friendly regards  

Jacques CABEZA

00 336 77 17 81 54

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